Nyssa Grazda is an astrological consultant, writer, intuitive and perpetual student of star logic. After graduating from the University of Redlands, Johnston Center for Integrative Studies in 2008 with a BA in Criticism, Consciousness and Contemporary Culture, she has worked in the fashion and special effects industries in Los Angeles while honing her understanding of planetary movements, relationships and archetypes.

Nyssa believes that the birth chart is a tool for healing and empowerment, providing the client with the most direct pathway to understanding their purpose. No two charts are alike, and the choices we make carry deeper intention when we understand the hidden motivations behind our preferences, inclinations and habits.

Nyssa offers a variety of astrological offerings and intuitive card readings, in addition to writing free content on planetary transits for her instagram @neongeometryastrology. She has written weekly and monthly horoscopes for Sanctuary World (@sanctuarywrld), and Muse and Mystic (@blackandthemoon), respectively.